Edu versus Speakeasy Speedtest

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Thu Apr 29 10:56:01 CDT 2010

Adjust your TCP window size.

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Subject: Edu versus Speakeasy Speedtest

I work for an Edu with multi-gigabit Internet connectivity and I get
questions from users saying "Why am I only getting 14Mb when I run this
speed test?"  I have got to believe that the various Internet speed tests
(Speakeasy or dslreports) are rate limited to prevent someone from shutting
them down.  I am able to get 300-400Mb running from a PC inside my network
to NDT servers located on Internet2, so that tells me my border and internal
network is healthy.  Can someone on this list shed some light regarding
reliability and accuracy of these various speed tests especially for an Edu
with lots'o bandwidth?  Thanks.


Bill Murphy

University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston


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