DDoS mitigation services from SPs

William McCall william.mccall at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 17:50:30 CDT 2010

Thank you all for the information. This has helped us get a move in
the right direction with both our carriers and alternative services.


On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 9:09 AM, William McCall
<william.mccall at gmail.com> wrote:
> All:
> I did some searching and have not found any concrete replies on the
> list, but what carriers can offer L3 DDoS mitigation? Specifically, I
> noticed an old UUnet offering, but it seems like I must be speaking
> the wrong language to my sales drones. Specifically, we're dealing
> with AT&T, Qwest and Verizon Business. My thought is that they all
> offered some type of service like this, but my security folks have
> been driving this and having limited success.
> Names of other SPs (we're looking at Verisign) is helpful, but we are
> stuck with the Dallas area.
> Note: I am not interested in changing DNS records and prefixes should
> be able to be advertised through BGP like normal. (Apparently, people
> like to do funky DNS stuff to make this work and sometimes don't want
> to do BGP in other scenarios.)
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> William McCall

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