[dns-operations] Desire to migrate back to BIND

Steve Bertrand steve at ipv6canada.com
Wed Apr 28 07:09:49 CDT 2010

On 2010.04.28 05:34, Phil Regnauld wrote:
> Had forgotten to answer the list...
> On 28/04/2010, at 07.07, Steve Bertrand <steve at ipv6canada.com> wrote:
>> What I ask of the members of the community, is if you can make a
>> recommendation on a piece of software that can bridge the gap so
>> that my
>> colleagues can use the pointy-clicky method of making simple changes
>> (eg: A/MX, add domain etc) while keeping in mind that budget
>> considerations are crucial, and there will always be the potential for
>> someone making changes to the zone files directly (namely me).
> Hi Steve,
> There is BIND-DLZ and MyDNS to look at but I think both work directly
> using a bind db driver so no possibility of editing the zone "by hand"
> (unless you hack some export/import script using the zone transfer
> functionality.

Thanks for the recommendations...

What I'm most confused about, is how this ended up on this list ;)


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