Starting up a WiMAX ISP

John Levine johnl at
Tue Apr 27 20:41:23 CDT 2010

>+ I have those numbers I can beat the pavement and find out what people
>will pay for my service and then I will know based on my table if there
>is a snowball's chance in hell of this working.

Don't forget that you're competing against rural ILECs that drink
deeply from the well of USF funding.  My local telco (Trumansburg)
called me today to point out that I was paying $76/mo for a package of
phone, 3Mb/382Kb DSL, voice mail and caller ID, but if I added in
national long distance and a few other features, they'd give me the
package rate of $66.  They offer 3MB DSL all over their service area,
even those long long rural runs.  You think you can compete with that?

Lightlink does OK against Verizon in Ithaca in the relatively dense
area at the foot of Cayuga Lake, but with, as other people have noted,
the owners doing nearly all the work.


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