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I'm wondering how can someone recomend a vendor for X be diffrent from, Can someone recond a box that does Y. I'm no fan of blind calls from sales droids anymore more then the next person but I see this posting as relevant or more then many post here. 
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Looking for a sales contact for Comcast enterprise/carrier services for
there Ethernet product thanks.

Please, please, PLEASE do not encourage sales droids like this.  It is evident to me you have never been hounded to death by the droids trolling this list.  As usual, I encourage everyone to tell any droids that you absolutely will not buy from them when they contact you from your NANOG postings.

I have gone through it many times over the years and always get to the point of yelling in email "WHAT PART OF NO DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!" before they finally stop.  My apologies for yelling, but I want to get the point across that if we encourage them the list value is decreased by orders (plural) of magnitude.


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