GIULIANOCM (UOL) giulianocm at uol.com.br
Mon Apr 26 11:31:48 CDT 2010

You can use:



You can buy it in a VM mode or appliance mode.

> I'm wondering what the service providers are using for IPAM.  We are looking
> at having to manage both v4 and v6 address space and delegate internally to
> other people.
> I've looked at infoblox, but we can't justify spending 400k at this point.
> It's a lovely solution though.
> Lucent has/had a product too, but having used it before it sucks.  It's also
> about 5x the cost of the info blox solution, and I'd rather not run solaris or
> windows in production.
> Is anyone running IPplan? http://iptrack.sourceforge.net/  I looked at it
> before, and at the time it's support of V6 was lacking.  Is anyone running
> this in a SP environment with v6?
> Any other OSS tools for this people are using?

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