[Re: http://tools.ietf.org/search/draft-hain-ipv6-ulac-01]

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Mon Apr 26 10:20:10 CDT 2010

Owen DeLong wrote:
> Whether they do or not depends on your circumstance and the design
> of upstream networks. They may or may not. Certainly it is desirable
> from a customer perspective that they do not. It may be equally desirable
> from a carrier perspective that they do. Personally, I hope carriers will
> design their networks well enough that changing prefixes at random
> times is not necessary and customers can get a better IPv6 experience.

I won't say that it never changes, but generally it has not.

Prefix is 2607:F780:1::/48 assign /60 prefix
1 entries in use, 4095 available, 0 rejected
0 entries cached, 1000 maximum

User                Prefix                                      Interface
0001000110D1D32C001 2607:F780:1::/60                            AT5/0.14250

I presume it will stay the same as long as cache works.


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