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Sun Apr 25 15:27:32 CDT 2010

> > - Dynamic addresses is a way to differentiate residential customers
> > (who pay less) from business customers (who pay more).
> > 
> Which is both specious and obnoxious.

It is a business choice, which you may or may not agree with.

> Given a choice between a provider which does this and one who does not, I will always choose the one that does not. Unfortunately, there is no PON vendor in my area, so I live with com cast business (on a dynamic IP because I refuse to pay their absurd mark-up on IP addresses). Given a PON vendor in my neighborhood, I'd drop Comcast in a heartbeat.

You can obviously vote with your wallet. In a market with rather thin
margins, where most residential customers are happy with dynamic
addresses, I find it entirely unsurprising that some companies would
like to differentiate between customers this way.

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