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Fri Apr 23 11:46:07 CDT 2010

On 4/23/10 3:49 AM, Dave Hart wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 08:26 UTC, Steve Bertrand<steve at>  wrote:
>> - in WHOIS, I have ns1 and listed as the authoritative
>> name servers
>> - both of these servers *only* have IPv6 addresses
> Which seems a bit far afield from reality to me.  Yes, there are lots
> of folks with IPv6 connectivity and v4-only recursive DNS servers.  I
> don't think ISPs will have problems setting aside a handful of IPv4
> addresses for authoritative DNS infrastructure to work around this
> until v6 transport in recursive DNS servers is common enough.


I think part of the point of this is to discover gotchas with our 
current infrastructure.  For example, while diagnosing why I couldn't 
get to resolve on one of my name servers but the others 
worked fine, I discovered that PowerDNS Recursor won't use an IPv6 
address for outgoing queries unless you actually give it:


One of my name servers had it, the other didn't, hence I was getting 
failures on one and success on the other.  Its little config issues like 
that that can crop up weeks/months/years later and make life difficult.

Now that I'm a Xen shop, I design domUs to last years at a time rather 
then rebuilding them constantly.  Being able to shunt stable and 
reliable domU hosts to new dom0 machines when they come up is a great 
thing, and makes my life alot easier.  :)

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