Connectivity to an IPv6-only site

Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at
Fri Apr 23 09:37:50 CDT 2010

On 4/23/2010 02:57, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> On 2010.04.23 03:39, Larry Sheldon wrote:
>> On 4/23/2010 02:35, Larry Sheldon wrote:
>>> >From my PC at home (Cox in Omaha) I can't even get a nameserver that
>>> knows the site.
>> I should point out that I am really stupid about v6--I don't know if I
>> should be able to find a nameserver or not.
> Has nothing to do about being stupid... let's rephrase your statement
> and put a positive spin on it as such:
> "I've heard about IPv6, but don't know very much about it. I think that
> I should know more, but am a bit confused as to where to begin. What do
> I do first?".

You are too kind.  Since I no longer administer a network, I've gotten
lazy about keeping up with developments.

And that is stupid.

> Then I'd say:
> "As a start, go to . If that
> doesn't get you going, then let the rest of the community start posting
> the resources that they know about, ranging from beginner up to the
> advanced.".

Good and useful advice.

But the message I meant to convey at 0300 in a rainy morning when I
couldn't sleep was "I don't know if a Windows XP (SP3, current patches)
on a Cox Cable connection _should_ be able to connect, but my machine
reported that it couldn't even *find* a name-server for the site."

Somebody should have said:
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