Connectivity to an IPv6-only site

Jack Bates jbates at
Fri Apr 23 08:28:19 CDT 2010

Mohacsi Janos wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Apr 2010, Matthew Ford wrote:
>> On 23 Apr 2010, at 09:00, Franck Martin wrote:
>>> Go get an airport express, install it get your Internet then click 
>>> ipv6 enable box and that's it. Seriously!
>> Hmm. Then why did I just replace my airport and my ISP to get 
>> functioning IPv6? Hint: 6to4 != IPv6.
> even bridged mode broadband service != broadband service (i.e:airport 
> express 6to4 not working on PPPoE)

Bleh, actually it does, and I've never been happier to have not deployed 
PPPoE or cpe modems in router mode than dealing with IPv6. Yeah, some of 
the networks I manage but don't make decisions on have breaks for IPv6 
(router based modems installed, dslams that are smart and filter bad 
customer traffic including IPv6, etc). My main vlan per customer layout 
(or atm per customer depending on equipment management domain) fully 
bridged to customer works great with IPv6, including my house where I 
have a linux box which does DHCPv6-PD and despite poor options at least 
passes out networks.

Still having large issues on transit peers, but they'll fix it 
eventually, or I'll eventually get circuits to someone who does. 
Meanwhile, the tunnel works for the limited traffic generated by DNS, a 
few 6to4 people (generally p2p) and my home and office.


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