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Ted Cooper ml-nanog090304q at elcsplace.com
Fri Apr 23 03:19:39 CDT 2010

On Fri, 2010-04-23 at 01:04 -0500, John Palmer (NANOG Acct) wrote:
> Spam-watch.com

>From the website:
About Spam-watch - This list is meant as a replacement for the SPAM-L
list which was abruptly shut down in May 2009.

On the contrary - Spam-l.com continues on different hosting with
different moderators with an emphasis on collegial behaviour of

>From the website:
Spam-L.com was created as a cooperative effort to replace the original
Spam-L forum which ran for a decade and a half on L-Soft servers. When
the original was abandoned on 11 May 2009, this list was set up to keep
the forum alive.

Hopefully this might now point some people in the right direction?

Fin for me.

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