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Eric Carroll eric.carroll at acm.org
Thu Apr 22 22:22:53 CDT 2010

On 10-04-21 06:59 PM, Jeroen van Aart wrote:
> The url redirects to a Canadian med site.
Just FYI, it's not a real Canadian med site. It is high probability not 
even Canadian.

The site appears to be a referral round robin over many domain names, 
-  www.yourtabletrxhealth.com/ - traceroute to AS12880 "Data 
communication Company of Iran"
- www.superstorepills.net/ - traceroute to AS9737 TOT Public Company Limited
- www.bargainpillsstore.net - traceroute to AS4134 CHINANET-BACKBONE
-  www.losspillssite.net - traceroute to AS4837 CHINA169-Backbone

The www.yourtabletrxhealth.com domain name was created April 5 of 2010 
and has Russian contact address information. 

Parts of the www.yourtabletrxhealth.com web pages are pulled in from all 
over, including AS9486, AS9737.

The "license" at the bottom is fake. The controlling professional body 
in Ontario is the Ontario College of Pharmacists not "College of 
Pharmacists of Ontario".  In Ontario, the language is that Pharmacies 
are accredited, not licensed. Pharmacists are licensed.

The Verisign click-through is fake.

OCP has no record of this company by name, location or number. See 

The CEO is claimed to be affiliated with University of Western Ontario. 
Can't find them.

Feel free to check out Kingston ON in Google street view for added 

And its listed in spamwiki.


Eric Carroll

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