Rate of growth on IPv6 not fast enough?

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Thu Apr 22 12:23:42 CDT 2010

--- jimb at jsbc.cc wrote:
From: Jim Burwell <jimb at jsbc.cc>

I think this is different.  They're talking about using a new IPv6 for
each connection.  RFC4941 just changes it over time IIRC.  IMHO that's
still pretty good privacy, at least on par with a NATed IPv4 from the
outside perspective, especially if you rotated through temporary IPv6s
fairly frequently.

Of course, for browsers, as someone else mentioned, it's somewhat moot
because of cookies.

Manage your cookies.  

preferences => privacy & security => cookies => select "ask for each cookie"

Noisy in the beginning and then settles down after a while.  Surprising, though, in what is tracked, so it's worth doing for a while just to observe.  Oh, yeah, also manage your Flash cookies: 



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