Juniper firewalls - SSG or SRX

Brad Fleming bdflemin at
Wed Apr 21 08:51:42 CDT 2010

On Apr 19, 2010, at 7:32 PM, Jeffrey Negro wrote:

> Has anyone on Nanog had any hands on experience with the lower end  
> of the
> new SRX series Junipers?  We're looking to purchase two new  
> firewalls, and
> I'm debating going with SSG series or to make the jump to the SRX  
> line.  Any
> input, especially about the learning curve jumping from ScreenOS to  
> JunOS
> would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

My general take:
Hardware == Well built and designed, very robust. The only thing 2  
things I'd like to see are: 1) a field-replaceable CF card like the J- 
series (bonus points if there's a backup like the J's as well!) and 2)  
a 2-port T1 mPIM card.

Software == Not horrible but far from great. We have issues with:  
Ethernet switching not functioning correctly, IPv6 not wanting to work  
on Enet switched VLANs, IP-IP tunnels acting very "weird", gmd  
crashing when trying to commit randomly, and lack of pretty much all  
IPv6 security features.

I'd like to see Juniper really focus on getting the "branch" SRX  
software up-to-snuff especially in regards to IPv6 security features.  
I think they're working pretty hard on it but I haven't seen the  
fruits of their labor yet!

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