Reverse DNS Question

Jack Carrozzo jack at
Tue Apr 20 15:19:23 CDT 2010

> What is the purpose for this besides resolving name-based reverse lookups?

Resolving the reverse lookups IS the reason they need the nameservers
- how else do you reckon queries on one of your IPs would end up
finding the correct answer? In the same manner that you tell your
domain registrar where to find nameservers for that domain, you're
telling ARIN what servers can handle a query for

> Are there any definitive guides out there on how this works (besides the
> ARIN site)?

On setting up nameservers? Googling 'configuring BIND' will lead you
on your way, unless you're already using a different nameserver
daemon. As far as I know there are no ARIN-specific requirements to


-Jack Carrozzo

> I know this is really basic stuff but I don't know it and have never needed
> to know it until now.
> Thanks
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