Rate of growth on IPv6 not fast enough?

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Tue Apr 20 14:51:19 CDT 2010

Once upon a time, Roger Marquis <marquis at roble.com> said:
> Address conservation aside, the main selling point of NAT is its filtering 
> of inbound
> session requests.  NAT _always_ fails-closed by forcing inbound connections 
> to pass
> validation by stateful inspection.  Without this you'd have to depend on 
> less
> reliable (fail-open) mechanisms and streams could be initiated from the 
> Internet at
> large.  In theory you could enforce fail-closed reliably without NAT, but 
> the rules
> would have to be more complex and complexity is the enemy of security.  

NAT == stateful firewall + packet mangling.  You can do all the same
stateful firewall bits and drop the packet mangling quite easily (it is
certainly not "more complex" to not mangle packets).

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