IPV4 and IPV6 question

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Tue Apr 20 14:41:31 CDT 2010



	This may seem like a stupid question, but in IPV4 there are a few
"reserved" bits which I've not seen used, but perhaps I am behind the times.
With regard to these, what if one was to use such to delegate a second venue
of IP space? In otherwords flip a bit in the flags reserved <
http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/protocol/ip.htm#Flags > and now its
considered IPV4.2 ... Would that not give a second range of IP address space
to use? Granted there would be a ton of upgrades/updates to enable such, but
sounds a little bit simplier than an IPV6 upgrade, maybe? I am on the fence
regarding IPV6 as there have been many logical arguments pro and con
regarding its deployment. I still have to wonder about these "reserved"
bits, that seem never to be used, why not use them? Again perhaps I am
behind the times and all of the bits are being used. Just my 2 cents. 


Kind regards

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