Rate of growth on IPv6 not fast enough?

Perry Lorier perry at coders.net
Mon Apr 19 23:33:48 CDT 2010

> LSN is not trivial.
> Here is some unverified calculations I did on the problem of scaling nat.

One of my colleagues here (Shane Alcock) did some research into "Service 
Provider NAT" based off passive traces from a New Zealand Residential 
ISP[1].  By passively looking at connections he investigated how you 
could dimension a NAT box for an ISP.  His research is available here 
http://www.wand.net.nz/~salcock/spnat/tech_report.pdf .  If walls of 
text scare you (why are you reading this mailing list then?) skip 
through and look at the graphs (page 3 onwards)

[1]: Contrary to Joe Abley's belief, I'm not aware of any major DSL 
provider in NZ that is doing NAT inside their network -- although almost 
all of the CPE's in New Zealand do NAT you, so as an end user you 
usually do end up behind NAT, but it is one under your own control, and 
can be eliminated with a careful choice of CPE.  There are some wifi 
providers, and some 3G APN's that will provide you with ISP NAT.

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