Rate of growth on IPv6 not fast enough?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Mon Apr 19 21:43:59 CDT 2010

Mark Andrews wrote:
> In message <201004200022.o3K0M2Ba007459 at aurora.sol.net>, Joe Greco writes:
>>> That'd be easy if you were just starting up an ISP. What do you do with
>>> your existing customer base? If their current service includes a
>>> dynamic public IPv4 address, you can't gracefully take it away, without
>>> likey violating services T&Cs, government telco regulations etc. So
>>> you'll have to go through a formal process of getting agreement with
>>> customers to take them away.
>> I haven't seen any such documents or regulations.
> People purchaced the service on the understanding that they would
> get a Internet address.  A address behind a NAT is not a Internet
> address, it's a *shared* Internet address which is a very different
> thing.

Given that many ISPs put their sign-up documents, including contracts,
on-line, you can no doubt supply a link to such a document that has
legal terms that would preclude NATed service, yes?

My recollection is only that I would be provided with "Internet service"
  or "access to the Internet" .  No mention of RFC1918 space or other
distinguishing information was given.

Note in the below blurb no mention of publicly routable addresses...

Comcast's contract states:

"Comcast will provide you with dynamic Internet protocol ("IP")
address(es) as a component of HSI, and these IP address(es) can and do
change over time. You will not alter, modify, or tamper with dynamic IP
address(es) assigned to you or any other customer. You agree not to use
a dynamic domain name server or DNS to associate a host name with the
dynamic IP address(es) for any commercial purpose. You also agree not to
use any software that provides for static IP address(es) on or in
conjunction with any computer(s) or network device connected to HSI. If
applicable, Comcast will release and/or recover the dynamic IP
address(es) when the Service or this Agreement is disconnected,
discontinued, or terminated."


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