Rate of growth on IPv6 not fast enough?

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Don't forget the home gateway aspect -- it's a huge gaping hole in the IPv6
deployment strategy for ISPs.  And don't talk to me about Apple's Airport
Extreme.  ISPs want (once the volume of IETF IPv6-related drafts has settled
down) for every router at Wal-mart to include IPv6 support.  If they start
right now and presume that home gateways/routers are replaced every 3 to 5
years, it will be several years before they've covered even 50% of the


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> Just because the curve doesn't look steep enough now doesn't mean it 
> won't in two years. Human behavior is hard to model and panic hasn't set 
> in yet.

There is also an aspect of this transition I don't think we've seen
before (in networking).  A large percentage of end users are on
technologies (cable modem, dsl, even dial up) who's configuration
is entirely driven out of a provisioning database.

Once the backbone is rolled out, the nameservers, dhcp, and
configuration servers dual-stacked many ISP's could enable IPv6 for
all of their customers overnight with only a few keystrokes.  Now
they won't literally do it that way to save their support folks,
but if the need arises they will be able to push the button quite

I suspect the middle part of this S curve is going to be much, much
steeper than anyone is predicting right now.

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