Senderbase is offbase, need some help

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Sun Apr 18 20:19:28 CDT 2010

On Sun, 18 Apr 2010, Larry Sheldon wrote:

>> Have you checked cyclops and other BGP announcement tracking systems
>> to see if it might have been a short-lived whack-a-mole short prefix hijack
>> (pop up, announce block, send burst of spam, remove announcement, disappear
>> again)?
> Maybe I'm just tired and cranky or too old to understand.....if the
> addresses in question never send traffic, who cares?

He's suggesting that maybe mail came from those IPs while someone else was 
using them without your knowledge.  Given the available info, I think its 
far more likely senderbase has some glich causing bogus 0.48 scores for 
IPs that really haven't sent anything in recent history.

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