Senderbase is offbase, need some help

John Levine johnl at
Sat Apr 17 15:29:05 CDT 2010

>    I've tried to get the attention of senderbase, which is claiming 
>activity from my address space which is in fact either un-routed or 
>within dynamic subscriber blocks that have outbound smtp filtering in 
>effect. Unfortunately, senderbase refuses to acknowledge the problem in 
>their database nor back up their claims with any evidence to the 
>contrary other than these ips are listed in their database and that's 
>that. I realise this may not strictly be the domain of nanog but I would 
>think that quality of services such like senderbase, as measured in both 
>false positives as well as their abillity to act on them, would be, 
>since many here use and depend on these services. I don't understand how 
>or why senderbase would list unrouted address space and further give me 
>grief over the reporting of it "Unless the daily volume magnitude shows 
>something > 1, I would not be too worried", but accuracy counts and you 
>won't have my business unless you can demonstrate some.

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