JUNIPER M7i CFLOW Sampling for L2 Vlans

GIULIANO (UOL) giulianocm at
Fri Apr 16 10:52:40 CDT 2010


Good afternoon,

We have a curious situation in a client's environment.

It has a M7i router with 2 IQ2E (4 GE) PICs.

It wants one of its PICs plugged into a L2 switch (802.1Q Trunk Mode)
and the another one plugged (via 1 giga of 4 ports only) to another L2

        /     \
     S1        S2

Both Giga ports are simpled configured like:

nterfaces {
    ge-0/0/0 {

nterfaces {
    ge-0/1/0 {

L2 Trunk Ethernet only without L3 configuration.

It is possible to get flow information about the encapsulated vlans
(10,20,30,40, etc) inside the trunk traffic ? ... without configuring ip
(4 or 6) or creating vlan interfaces ?

It is possible to get cflow working in a L2 way ?

Does anyone has configured it before using JUNIPER ?   Can you send or
point to me some samples of configuration ?

Thanks a lot,



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