advertisements of 14/8 and 223/8

Christian Seitz seitz at
Thu Apr 15 15:26:59 CDT 2010


Tomoya Yoshida wrote:

> I started to advertise for test two /8s and in addition to
> collecting of unwanted traffic I checked the status of
> route-views of these two /8s including two experimental
> prefixes in 27/8 which is allocated to APNIC on Jan 2010
> and old 115/8 space.
> For 27/8, It seemse that some ISP still dosen't update
> their filter or dosen't advertise to route-views by some reasons.
> Now I'm using 27/8 space and I found that there is no reachability
> about 10% ASes, at least 2,000 ASes as our test, It can't be
> said the good situation at all. I will continue to test this month
> and would like to share about the result somewhere.
> Also the interesting result is that there is differences between
> 14/8 and 223/8 on route-views result. Do you have any idea?

I have heard from some carriers that they only accept selected /8s, but not from
all IP ranges. Perhaps the test announcements should be 4x /10 for example
instead of a single /8. Then the announcements should reach more ASes.



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