advertisements of 14/8 and 223/8

Tomoya Yoshida yoshida at
Thu Apr 15 12:32:39 CDT 2010


I started to advertise for test two /8s and in addition to
collecting of unwanted traffic I checked the status of
route-views of these two /8s including two experimental
prefixes in 27/8 which is allocated to APNIC on Jan 2010
and old 115/8 space.

For 27/8, It seemse that some ISP still dosen't update
their filter or dosen't advertise to route-views by some reasons.
Now I'm using 27/8 space and I found that there is no reachability
about 10% ASes, at least 2,000 ASes as our test, It can't be
said the good situation at all. I will continue to test this month
and would like to share about the result somewhere.

Also the interesting result is that there is differences between
14/8 and 223/8 on route-views result. Do you have any idea?


On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 19:08:14 +1000
Geoff Huston <gih at> wrote:

|APNIC and NTT are cooperating in a project to investigate the properties of unwanted traffic that is being sent to specific destinations in the address blocks of and These address blocks have been recently allocated to APNIC from the IANA, and APNIC and NTT are wanting to undertake this investigation prior to the commencement of ordinary allocations. Accordingly, APNIC has authorized AS38639 to advertise routes for and from now until 26 April 2010, and requests that AS38639's peers and upstreams accept this as a legitimate routing advertisement.
|   Geoff Huston

Tomoya Yoshida <yoshida at>

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