Router for Metro Ethernet

Tim Franklin tim at
Wed Apr 14 05:07:28 CDT 2010

> Some caveats:
> 1. only the ME version supports MPLS, in case you want to overlay an
> MPLS TE/VPN network on a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) ELAN raw Ethernet
> service.
> 2. If you are using IP multicast, make sure that the Metro Ethernet
> provider supports PIM snooping, otherwise (S,G) directed multicast
> packets will be flooded out all service provider ports that connect
> to
> your devices, emulating a 1993-style Ethernet hub. 

3. Only "switch-style" QoS, not full-blown MQC.  The 3750ME has two "router" ports which do mostly support MQC, but still have some limitations (e.g. traffic locally sourced from the device is not correctly classified / marked).  Which is all kind of what you'd expect from a switch, but may be relevent if the original question was "which router?"


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