Router for Metro Ethernet

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at
Tue Apr 13 16:23:39 CDT 2010

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Holmes,David A <dholmes at> wrote:
> We use Cisco 3750 L3 switches for Metro Ethernet connectivity. The 3750
> SFPs can run at wire speed up to 1 GiGE. The 3750s are very reliable,
> and have good, follow-the-sun technical support in case of problems.
> Some caveats:
> 1. only the ME version supports MPLS, in case you want to overlay an
> MPLS TE/VPN network on a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) ELAN raw Ethernet
> service.

The MPLS implementation of Cisco 3750 Metro is buggy enough to the
point that I recommend it to all my friend's competitors (TM of Randy

On the other side, Cisco ME6500 has MPLS (with some limitations
usually accepted with L3 switches) and it works pretty good. It's not
cheap, though.


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