Router for Metro Ethernet

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We use Cisco 3750 L3 switches for Metro Ethernet connectivity. The 3750
SFPs can run at wire speed up to 1 GiGE. The 3750s are very reliable,
and have good, follow-the-sun technical support in case of problems.
Some caveats:

1. only the ME version supports MPLS, in case you want to overlay an
MPLS TE/VPN network on a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) ELAN raw Ethernet
2. If you are using IP multicast, make sure that the Metro Ethernet
provider supports PIM snooping, otherwise (S,G) directed multicast
packets will be flooded out all service provider ports that connect to
your devices, emulating a 1993-style Ethernet hub. 

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> In our case I believe we would be dealing with just static routes and
> lines of ACL.  Do you think the routing protocols are your largest
> usage in your scenario, or is it also just simple routing as well?

Get a used 3550 or a new 3400ME or something. Sounds likeyuou'll get by 
just fine using an L3 switch.

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