Router for Metro Ethernet

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We run a 3845 at over 300 Mbps and it's less than 50% CPU....most times less
than 30%.  No BGP, just OSPF.


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> However, this router also has 2 100mb connections from local lans that it
is also terminiating.
> For our 100mb metro e connections we use 3845s. The 100 mb service
terminates into NM-GEs, which have a faster throughput than the hwics.

Be careful using 3845s for 100 Mbps connections or above - Cisco rates
them at 45 Mbps (and 3825 at half of that) but last time I checked
doesn't make any promises at faster than T3.  They're being
conservative about it, but one thing that really can burn the
horsepower is traffic shaping, which you need with some MetroE

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