Mikrotik RouterOS

Dennis Burgess dmburgess at linktechs.net
Mon Apr 12 15:24:19 CDT 2010

Most of the major features of RouterOS are not "Linux" native apps
anymore.  Back in v2.9 this was the case, i.e. the Proxy server was
SQUID, OSPF was again, the same way using a Linux app.  However,
especially in v3, and 4, as well as now v5, MikroTik has really made
their own system.  

Not wishing to go into, what is better, the key here is that they have a
super small footprint, and their hardware (for the cost) can't be beat.
A sub 20-40 meg MPLS router with 5 ports for $40 USD. .  7200VXR
replacements for under 1500.  Other than they primary focus on
Ethernet/Fiber/Wireless hardware, virtually no Legacy WAN interfaces

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kind of....routerOS supports MPLS, linux does not

On 4/12/10 3:48 PM, Grzegorz Janoszka wrote:
> On 12-4-2010 21:44, Gustavo Santos wrote:
>> its was an old bug, that had been fixed for a while..
> You should still keep in mind Mikrotik is just Linux, with all its 
> (dis)advantages, plus some scripts and weird CLI.

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