Carrier class email security recommendation

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Mon Apr 12 05:21:58 CDT 2010

Right.  Just to add one more choice into your mix .. Bizanga is one
such vendor that I've seen deployed by carriers who want an appliance.
 They were recently acquired by Cloudmark.

There are also "rate limiting .. kind of like netflow for email" type
devices - Symantec E160, and Mailchannels (    These
might be worth considering for systemwide filtering after which you
can apply your own policies per user.

ps: About Barracuda - I am not aware, they may have a carrier grade /
larger scale product too.   If you see one of those, or any other
vendor that meets your needs go for it.


2010/4/12 Alex Kamiru <nderitualex at>:
> Suresh,
> I am more interested in option 1 and would want opinion from those with
> experience on that.
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> You have multiple options
> 1. Ironport / Fortinet etc gateways.   [Not barracuda - hardly carrier
> class, enterprise grade more like it]
> 2. Outsource to a provider like Messagelabs or MXLogic that only
> handles the spam filtering, lets you host your own mailboxes
> 3. Outsource to one or more vendors of hosted email services - Google
> Apps, Microsoft BPOS, IBM Lotuslive etc
> your choice based on what meets your requirements.
> --srs (full disclosure - head, antispam @ ibm lotuslive)
> 2010/4/12 Alex Kamiru <nderitualex at>:
>> I am in the process of sourcing for a carrier class email security
>> solution that will replace our current edge spam gateways based on open
>> source solutions. Some solutions that am currently considering are
>> Ironport, Fortinet Fortimail, MailFoundry and Barracuda. I'd therefore
>> wish to know, based on your experiences, what works for you
>> satisfactorily. Areas that are key for me are centralized management and
>> reporting, carrier class performance, per mailbox policy and quarantine,
>> and favourable licensing for an MSSP. I know Ironport is rated highly in
>> this space but I find its per user licensing is not favourable for a
>> MSSP.

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