Carrier class email security recommendation

Alex Kamiru nderitualex at
Mon Apr 12 05:15:41 CDT 2010

I am more interested in option 1 and would want opinion from those with
experience on that. 

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You have multiple options

1. Ironport / Fortinet etc gateways.   [Not barracuda - hardly carrier
class, enterprise grade more like it]

2. Outsource to a provider like Messagelabs or MXLogic that only
handles the spam filtering, lets you host your own mailboxes

3. Outsource to one or more vendors of hosted email services - Google
Apps, Microsoft BPOS, IBM Lotuslive etc

your choice based on what meets your requirements.

--srs (full disclosure - head, antispam @ ibm lotuslive)

2010/4/12 Alex Kamiru <nderitualex at>:
> I am in the process of sourcing for a carrier class email security
> solution that will replace our current edge spam gateways based on open
> source solutions. Some solutions that am currently considering are
> Ironport, Fortinet Fortimail, MailFoundry and Barracuda. I'd therefore
> wish to know, based on your experiences, what works for you
> satisfactorily. Areas that are key for me are centralized management and
> reporting, carrier class performance, per mailbox policy and quarantine,
> and favourable licensing for an MSSP. I know Ironport is rated highly in
> this space but I find its per user licensing is not favourable for a

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