Solar Flux (was: Re: China prefix hijack)

Andy Koch gawul00+nanog at
Sun Apr 11 17:46:01 CDT 2010

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 16:06, Joe <jbfixurpc at> wrote:
>        The topic of sunspots is certainly familiar from long ago. We had a
> 7513
> that crashed unexpectedly, upon a review of the data available, it was
> determined
> that a parity error had occurred. I can't remember the exact error as it was
> several
> years ago, but upon a quick search this article seems familiar.
> te09186a00801b42bf.shtml
> Search on cosmic radiation and/or SEU within.
> -Joe

I had one RP on a 12K dump about 2 years ago, and the Cisco TAC
returned that information almost verbatim regarding a soft parity
error.  It was a bit of a challenge trying to reword the scenario for
those up the chain why on of our core routers decided to have a fit in
the middle of the day and all you got from Cisco was "cosmic radiation
caused it."  I was almost tempted to put in a request for foil hats
just to see what type of hilarity would ensue - would have been better
if it happened at the beginning of April.


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