legacy /8

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sun Apr 11 13:09:26 CDT 2010

> We've been dealing with the IPV4 myth now for over 7 years that i have followed it.  It's about as valid as the exaflood myth.  Part fo the reason folks aren't rushing to the V6 bandwagon is it's not needed.  Stop doing the chicken little dance folks.  V6 is nice and gives us tons of more addresses but I can tell you V4 is more than two years form "dying" just by seeing all the arm flailing going around.

IPv4 will not die in 2 years.  Growth in IPv4 accessible hosts will stop or become significantly more expensive or both in about 2.5 years (+/- 6 months).

The more content and services that are available dual-stack (v4 and v6) by the time that occurs, the less of an issue that fact will be for all concerned.


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