Seeking Amazon EC2 abuse contact

Erik L erik_list at
Sun Apr 11 09:38:27 CDT 2010

Could someone from Amazon EC2 please contact me off-list regarding an abuse issue from one of their IPs? Alternatively, could someone please send me the contact details of someone there?

E-mailing the abuse e-mail listed in WHOIS per their instructions, including all pertinent data, results in an auto-reply indicating to use a form on their site. Submitting the form results in "There has been an error while submitting your data. Please try again later." Calling their supposed NOC (as per WHOIS) results in "You have reached the legal department at Amazon...please leave a message".


Caneris Inc.
Tel: 647-723-6365
Fax: 647-723-5365
Toll-free: 1-888-444-8843

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