ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

JC Dill jcdill.lists at
Sat Apr 10 23:21:04 CDT 2010

Dave Israel wrote:
> On 4/9/2010 12:30 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>>> Put differently, you work in this arena too...  you've presumably
>>> talked to stakeholders.  Can you list some of the reasons people have
>>> provided for not adopting v6, and are any of them related to the v6
>>> policies regarding address space?
>> Reasons:
> (many excellent reasons removed)
> Let me just add on:

(more excellent reasons removed)

I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned cost.  Even if all the network 
equipment (hardware and software) in a given network were already v6 
compatible, there's a substantial cost to train, test, document, deploy, 
support.  Most companies will put this cost off for as long as possible, 
unless there are clear cost savings to be had by deploying sooner.  Add 
in the problems getting vendors to produce v6 compatible networking 
equipment.  Add in the cost to upgrade legacy systems to v6 compatible 
equipment (when available).

Most companies are trying to determine the optimum time to upgrade, and 
at this point they believe that this time is still in the future, not now.

Some of them will be up against a Y2K type of deadline when the v4 space 
runs out, scrambling to move to v6 when they need more IPs and can't get 
anymore usable v4 addresses.


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