OECD Reports on State of IPv6 Deployment for Policy Makers

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You should have seen the CNN experiment on cyber attack...

It took 3/4 of the time for the "government" to realize they need to ask the private sector to help them. The first 3/4 were spent to discuss what the president can do or not do so they can take over the infrastructure and tell the operators what to do...

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> karine perset's work is, as usual, good enough that it should be seen
> in it's original, not some circle-je^h^hid hack of a small part of it.

On of the best parts of her presentation:

"Government’s role *is not about regulation*, but about working with
technical experts and business to:
•Role 1: Build awareness of issue & help to ease bottlenecks through
multi-stakeholder co-operation.
•Role 2: Being early adopters.
•Role 3: International co-operation and helping to monitor progress of

Will they get it any day ?


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