ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

Martin Barry marty at
Fri Apr 9 06:39:19 CDT 2010

$quoted_author = "Joe Greco" ;
> > Perhaps the true issue is that what you see as broken is perceived as "working
> > as intended" by much of the community and membership?
> That's a great point.  Would you agree, then, that much of the community
> and membership implicitly sees little value in IPv6?  

Is that orthogonal to Owen's statement?

> You can claim that's a bit of a stretch, but quite frankly, the RIR
> policies, the sketchy support by providers, the lack of v6 support in
> much common gear, and so many other things seem to be all conspiring
> against v6 adoption.  I need only point to v6 adoption rates to support
> that statement.

Which rates would those be?

IPv6 has had a slow start but it's certainly picking up.


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