"Running out of IPv6" (Re: ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacyIP4 Space)

Michael Dillon wavetossed at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 8 19:16:27 CDT 2010

> What I would need if I were to go with IP6 would be to have a parallel
> address for every one of
> my current addresses. Right now we have 2 - legacy /24's and one legacy /23
> - thats it.
> I'd just need the "equivalent"  IP6 space.

The key question is "are you an ISP?". If the answer is yes, then the
IPv6 equivalent
is a /32 block. If no, then it depends on whether more than one site
is involved, since
the allocation size would be a /48 per site.

IPv6 is a combination of classful and classless addressing. The result
of that is
that all allocations are sized to be more addresses than you could possibly ever
need in the majority of cases.

> ARIN does provide microallocations, but ICANN forced them to put "for ICANN
> approved
> root service only" into their policy for microallocations, so that leaves us
> out.

You fit under "Direct assignments from ARIN to end-user organizations" and
should have no problem getting a /48. If you need multiple sites then
"IPv6 Multiple Discrete Networks" would apply.

--Michael Dillon

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