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On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 3:39 PM,  <bmanning at> wrote:
>        er... you misunderstand... there is no single "DFZ" anywhere...
>        it is a fiction.

Meh. Fiction or no, it does a suitably effective job connecting my
users to my servers when and where they want to connect.

>        last ebay transaction I saw was a posting by Martin Levy - and it was
>        withdrawn after some urging by ARIN.

Section 8.3 is new. Just happened last year.

> Addresses are not sellable
>       property.  So what would an "open market" be in... rights to use?
>        (come to think of it, I have seen submarine cable IRUs for sale on eBAY)

The market would be for contracts to release particular blocks of
addresses to ARIN for re-registration to the buyer under the terms of
ARIN NRPM section 8.3. The legal fiction is that you're buying the
contract, not the addresses.

As for whether IP addresses will ever be sellable property... I think
it serves to recall that native Americans had no concept of real
estate when the Europeans first arrived. They fought the notion hard
once they finally realized the settlers were serious about it.

>        Ok... lets say there is a pent up supply ...  and no good way to
>        let those with demand know the supply exists.   I'll consider
>        acting as the "address Yenta"   ---   if folks have prefixes they
>        are not using, and would like to let others know there is availablity,
>        I'll be glad to be the "go between".

Works for me. Maybe I'll drop you a line when the IANA pool finally
exhausts. I have some nice real estate down in the swamp that I'm
using for relatively low-value applications...

>        I remember this.  it suffers from two primary weaknesses:
>        ) finding someone (see my address-Yenta offer above)

With you volunteering, that problem is solved. See? Easy!

>        ) this only works within the ARIN region.

The other regions have their own structures... NIRs and LIRs that
aren't tied to ISP service and whose practices differ from the RIR,
for example.

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