Behold - the Address-Yenta!

David Conrad drc at
Thu Apr 8 14:51:47 CDT 2010


On Apr 8, 2010, at 9:39 AM, bmanning at wrote:
>> If you're not planning to announce a route into the DFZ, we have
>> RFC1918 or IPv6's ULA, address pools that are 100% and completely free
>> for your use.
> 	er... you misunderstand... there is no single "DFZ" anywhere...

Pedantry alert.

> 	Addresses are not sellable property.  

Sure they are.  I personally know of several cases where addresses have been sold.  Right now, people have to go through a bunch of foo, creating dummy companies to hold the IP address assets, transferring the assets, selling the dummy companies, etc., but the end result is the same.  Policy changes will make this somewhat less silly.  Whether those policy changes will be sufficient to stop the creation of alternative "address title registries" remains to be seen.

>> Given a demand and a supply, markets don't traditionally need a whole
>> lot of help to come into being.
> 	Ok... lets say there is a pent up supply ...  and no good way to
> 	let those with demand know the supply exists.   I'll consider
> 	acting as the "address Yenta"   ---   if folks have prefixes they
> 	are not using, and would like to let others know there is availablity,
> 	I'll be glad to be the "go between".

Given current address space utilization efficiency, it isn't hard to find folks who have more address space than they are using.  However, I suspect there are VCs who would be interested in discussing the idea...


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