Peering Exchange Configurations

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Thu Apr 8 13:35:24 CDT 2010

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On Apr 8, 2010, at 2:08 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:

>>    3a) If no: Do participants typically preference exchange-learned  
>> routes over other sources?
>> Yes.  As far as I know all our members set routes learned through the
>> exchange fabric higher than anything else.  That's kind of the point as
>> exchange traffic is free so you always want to use it first.
> Actually, the order of preference is usually:

Where 'usually' here is rather nebulous.

I am not trying to say Owen is wrong, just don't think the way any network
uses interconnectivity is somehow standard.  Every network is different, and
even similar links in the same network are different.

IXPs are standard ('usually' :), networks are not.


> 1.	Private Interconnects (direct private peering)
> 2.	Non-metered paid peering/transit
> 3.	Exchange Points
> 4.	Metered paid peering/transit
> Owen

My answers were based on what I know about members of our exchange.  In our
market there is little to no private peering.  Everyone connects through the
exchange so that's their only source of peering.  Although we don't require
our members to use the route server, all of them do.  

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