ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

Kevin Stange kevin at
Thu Apr 8 13:04:04 CDT 2010

On 04/08/2010 11:00 AM, Joe Greco wrote:
>> Is this just an argument about the money? Or, are there other issues
>> ("you agree that we can revoke your allocation at any time, for any
>> reason, as we see fit")?
> I'd be curious to know what the justification for such a policy would
> be under v6.  Even if space were obtained under false pretenses, the
> cost of reclaiming it (in terms of lawsuits, etc) is essentially being 
> shoveled onto the shoulders of others who have received allocations.

As I understand it ARIN does not like to reclaim space forcibly for this
very reason.  It's costly and they'd much rather resolve matters
amicably and allow people to keep their resources.

It's true that anyone that does accept terms to their IP allocations
opens the possibility up, but recall that ARIN has a open and public
policy making process.  If they are going to change something and begin
demanding IPs back from certain holders, if you are attentive to the
process you should have plenty of opportunity to a) find out, and b)
make your displeasure very clear.  If you are a member, paying your
dues, you also have the right to vote for those people who make the
final decisions.

But more to the point, how often do you hear that ARIN has decided to
come to any IPv4 holder and just take back their allocation without cause?

> It seems like you could run an RIR more cheaply by simply handing out
> the space fairly liberally, which would have the added benefit of
> encouraging v6 adoption.  The lack of a need for onerous contractual
> clauses as suggested above, combined with less overhead costs, ought
> to make v6 really cheap.

This is the current policy, even with respect to IPv4 to a large degree,
at least for ARIN.  As long as you can establish a fairly evident need
for portable address space and can give them a vague plan for allocating
it over time, they'll give you want you want, as long as you can pay the
appropriate (and I feel quite reasonable) annual fees.

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