AS23724 oops? was Re: China prefix hijack

Rob Thomas robt at
Thu Apr 8 13:04:00 CDT 2010

Hi, team.

Joe wrote:
> Just wondering if this was a "Fat fingered" mistake or intentional...

I'm thinking "oops."

Looking only for prefixes with the aspath " 4134 23724 23724 <end>," and
only on 2010-04-08 UTC, we see 15210 prefixes announced.

Of those, 9598 are allocated to CN, 11017 are allocated by APNIC, and
4193 are neither (LACNIC, AFRINIC, RIPE, ARIN).

The prefixes are almost sequential as well.  There are some few gaps.
It ranges beginning with a prefix in 8/8 and ending with a prefix in 222/8.

There are a wide range of networks of every sort.  Nations involved,
according to RIR records, include:

   Prefixes  Country Code
   9444      CN
   2192      US
    758      AU
    448      CO
    186      RU
    139      ID
    131      TH
    122      JP
    103      KR
    101      EC
     96      BR
     91      IN
     84      AR
     [ ... ]

So I'm leaning towards "big oops."  I'll see if we can find someone at
AS23724 to ask, and perhaps assist if needed.

Rob Thomas
Team Cymru
"Say little and do much." M Avot 1:15

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