ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

TJ trejrco at
Thu Apr 8 10:54:37 CDT 2010

> IPv6-only content won't be meaningful for years yet, and IPv6-only
> eyeballs will necessarily be given ways to reach v4 for many years
> to come.

To be fair - IPv6 only content may not exactly be commonplace, but there are
IPv6-only networks out there ... they just tend to consist of "things"
rather than "people".

For the "surfable internet", the chicken-and-egg scenario continues - as
more services get reachable, it should create impetus for users - all dual
stack (hopefully) ... until a threshold is crossed, when it becomes more
feasible to be a general consumer who was IPv6-only (or really bad IPv4
alongside it).  I also think "for years" and "for many years" are very
relative terms :) ...


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