ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

John Palmer (NANOG Acct) nanog2 at
Wed Apr 7 15:59:30 CDT 2010

Yah, thats what we are thinking here. We'll probably stick with IP4 only.

Sounds like ARIN has set a trap, so that virtually any contact with them
will result in the ceding of legacy rights. 

We'll be sure to avoid any such contact. 

Thanks everyone for the info.

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> It's not the initial assignment fee that's really an impediment, it's
> moving from a model where the address space is free (or nearly so) to
> a model where you're paying a significant annual fee for the space.
> We'd be doing IPv6 here if not for the annual fee.  As it stands, there
> isn't that much reason to do IPv6, and a significant disincentive in the
> form of the fees.
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