ARIN IP6 policy for those with legacy IP4 Space

Aaron Wendel aaron at
Wed Apr 7 11:27:01 CDT 2010

There was talk a little while ago about a fee waiver for legacy holders who
had signed an RSA but I think it's still in the suggestion phase.  To get v6
space now you would need to sign an RSA for the v6 space and pay the v6
fee's.  There is a partial fee waiver in effect for ISP v6 allocations.  No
fee waiver for end user v6 allocations.

As for being a disincentive, only you can answer whether your network needs
justify a v6 allocation or whether or not v4 will service you.


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Was looking at the ARIN IP6 policy and cannot find any reference to those
who have
IP4 legacy space.

Isn't there an automatic allocation for those of us who have legacy IP
space. If not, is ARIN
saying we have to pay them a fee to use IP6?  Isn't this a disincentive for
us to move up to IP6?

Those with legacy IP4 space should have the equivalent IP6 space under the
same terms. Or
am I missing something?

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