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Wed Apr 7 10:12:27 CDT 2010

In a message written on Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 10:12:48AM -0400, Brandon Ross wrote:
> The suggestion was to run a "v6 only network".  Does anyone on the NANOG 
> list believe that v6 is at all ready to be run without any v4 
> underpinnings and provide a real service to a customer base?

Is it ready, absolutely.  Is it pretty, not quite.  But that's ok,
it will take some time in the real world to get the spit polish
IPv4 has had 25+ years to earn.

The issue is not is IPv6 ready, it's how do you interoperate between
the IPv6 world and the IPv4 world.  Dual stack was/is the answer,
but with IPv4 running out it won't be for much longer.  Is the answer a
transition mechanism or cold turkey?  It probably depends on your

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