Wireless bridge

Mike mike-nanog at tiedyenetworks.com
Mon Apr 5 15:01:33 CDT 2010

No, you are not pushing a stable '54mbps over the link without issue'. 
More likely, if you cared to look, you are getting somewhere around 
30-35mbps, HALF DUPLEX. The '54mbps' advertised on the shiny sales 
brochure, is a signaling rate and not a measure of thruput.


Bret Clark wrote:
>    Peter Boone wrote:
> I purchased 2x Ubiquity Bullet2's (2.4 GHz) and utilized our existing
> antennas. It has been working extremely well, pushing a stable 54 Mbps over
> the link without issue. Signal strength is consistently -40 dBm +/- 2 dBm,
> from about -80 dBm before! Total cost included 2x Bullets, 2x PoE adaptors,
> and approx 40 ft of STP cat5: $120. I have yet to see what happens in a big
> thunderstorm, but I extrapolate that they will be able to handle the EMP
> without going haywire like before. They have worked very well through
> conditions that our last setup would not.
> Thanks again for the input everyone!
> Peter
>    More an FYI as I'm not overly familiar with Ubiquity's, but I believe
>    -40dBm is kind of a hot signal which means they are screaming at each
>    other, are you seeing any physical errors, specifically CRC's?. Won't
>    necessarily affect overall throughput, but -60dBm is the sweet
>    spot...too much of a signal is just as bad as not enough...sort of like
>    that Sienfield episode of the the close talker :).
>    Bret

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